“Mental toughness is believing without a doubt, that whatever happens, you got this.” — Tim Grover 

At TFIOM® we obsess over how we can leverage science and storytelling to engineer premium products that become a tangible representation of your journey to level infinity.

An unavoidable part of this journey to reaching your Mars is a wavering mind. Induced by the fires of adversity; self-doubt can be detrimental.  

The I'D RATHER BE ON MARS® collection embodies our belief in the power of affirmations. 

Harnessing the power of affirmations, unlocks the ability to change negative thought patterns into positive ones.

What we aimed to bring into focus with this collection is how much power lies in declaring who we are, where we want to be, where we are headed and where we belong. 

The IRBOM collection is our ode to the importance of mental toughness on your journey to Mars.

February 24, 2021 — TFIOM ADMIN


Introducing From Mars With Love Our labor of love meets your commitment to the process in the latest signature collection of carefully crafted TIFOM® pieces.

With devotion in every detail, this line was engineered to encourage us to pursue what we love. When we focus our energy here, we don’t just stick to the process longer, we take it that much further.

Ken Wert; a high school teacher and blogger from meanttobehappy.com wrote: "The likelihood of reaching a goal is determined by the passion you feel in its pursuit."

Heart leads to hard work, and often we find greatness in what makes us feel good. More passion leads to more hours, more results, more joy in the process, and more opportunities for dreams to become realities.

Pursuing your Mars isn’t easy when the destination feels so out of reach. However, we stop struggling when we reach for what we already love.

In the face of passion, our growing pains fade—and so does the distance between ourselves and our dreams.

It is time to recalibrate and fall in love with the process of what we are going after; the practice, the form, the mechanics, the intricacies; and reaching Mars will become the byproduct of your pursuit.

Here, we let passion propel our pursuits.

And that’s why when we aim high, we don’t just aim for the stars—we aim for Mars.

Declare your devotion. Commit to the chase. FMWL is here to help you fall in love and rise to the occasion.

February 08, 2021 — TFIOM ADMIN